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Smart POS ~ Smart New Retail

With #SmartPOS, managing your store is now a piece of cake!😎 You can accept all payments & #ewallets, track #inventory levels in real-time, manage your products with ease, and ensure that your business is safe through good access control & #TimeAttendance.
But with #SmartNewRetail, your business will be equipped with a complete retail ecosystem😍 which consists of powerful POS systems, #ecommerce, O2O e-orders & inventory sync, payment & e-wallet, click & collect, delivery, member #loyalty, #accounting, #cloudserver, API integrations, and more! 💪 That means your business can scale and grow📈without any limitations!!!🌍

POS Cashless Solution

Modern businesses rely on #CashlessTransaction for quick and smoother collection of payments. Nevertheless, not all stores have the right hardware & software set-up to achieve this seamlessly 😩
💡Our POS Cashless Solution is a good way to overcome this problem🥳
Our POS Cashless combines advanced technology help #retailers collect cashless payments such as #ewallet, #creditcard, #vouchers, #giftcard, and #MemberPoint redemption 💪
🌈It was fully integrated without touch the monetary note and has a simple cash count process; easier and minimizes human error when doing the #endofday closing counter process.
Of course, enabling #CashlessPayment will protect your employees against potential incidents of robbery, theft, and COVID-19 🤩Meanwhile, effectively enhances your #customerloyalty with fast payment & easy redemption for your members.

25K+ POS User

We are happy to announce that we reached an exciting milestone – 🔥🔥𝟮𝟱,𝟬𝟬𝟬+ 𝗣𝗢𝗦 𝘂𝘀𝗲𝗿𝘀🔥🔥
It would not be possible without your immense support and encouragement. 💪
A big thanks to all of you!!! 🙏
We look forward to welcoming more new users & continuing to grow our customer base! 🥳

Hazali Mart – Testimonial

Another new venture joining #25,000 successes #SmartNewRetail journey🎉🎉🎉 
Thank you Zali Mart
For your continuous support.
📢Attention to the community in Rantau Panjang, Klang 📢 There’s a new local mini-mart is coming your way👀 Wanna shop & grab some grocery items at affordable prices? Come to Zali Mart! 🥳
👉 Facebook:
👉 Address:

Treleaf Mart – Testimonial

Another new venture joining #20,000 successes #SmartNewRetail journey🎉🎉🎉
Thank you Treleaf Mart Sdn Bhd
For your continuous support.👍
Attention to all Terengganian!! Reluctant to leave the house for grocery shopping? Here’s a fresh market and grocery e-store is ready to serve you! From frozen food to fresh products, toiletries to household essentials, Treleaf Mart helps you skip the hassle & long queues! Stay at home, shop at Treleaft Mart e-store and you’ll get fresh groceries at your doorstep!!
If you would like to know more about #Treleafmart, welcome to their:
👉 Website:
👉 Facebook:
👉 Instagram:
👉 Address:

Ng Kee Cake Shop – Testimonial

Known as 120 y/o Biscuit Legacy in Penang, Ng Kee Cake Shop is a traditional 🥮 biscuit and 🍰 cake shop founded in 1987, focusing on serving locals and tourists in Georgetown. Today, Ng Kee is operated by the 4th generation👨‍👧‍👦
Like most traditional businesses, all their inventories, sales, and accounting written in books, handwritten, and plenty of errors inside 🥵 So they came to Smart-Acc Solutions for a modern POS system with a complete inventory management system.
“The transition went very well. Any problems or questions we had were painless.🥳
Previously, we needed to check all journals and manually count the inventory regularly. But now everything is automated. We can use the system & know the inventory in real-time🆙. That’s a huge reduction of work & time! ⏳
Not only that, our selling process has also become easier & faster. And all transactions can be tracked instantly & error-free. All in all, we are ❤️ happy with our new system.”
Ng Kee successfully transformed from the old business model to the new retail. And you can, too. 😬

Info2go in Huawei App Gallery

After a long day work, you just don’t feel like opening that lappie to check on biz matters. You are just human!
But yet, the feeling of wish to know about sales, cash flow, stock issue biz while sitting comfortably in your sofa?
How about just few swipes at your phone to know it all? & get back to your chill time.
So quick, YES, when the apps comes with
  • Clean Dashboard, instant info at one glance with useful widgets
  • Handy filters by sales person, store, date & days interim
  • Profit status: P&L statement summary all in
  • Stocks info by multi stores; like quantity, price
  • Sales trends like top sellers, highest sales day
  • Cash & bank accounts matters, that u can drill to details
  • Debt collection sums, send reminder instantly
INFO on the Go! Apps now available on #huawei. Yay! 
Track information & capture your finance status. Try it out for FREE today!