The risks of using cards or passwords to secure📂business assets are plenty… Your accounts can be hacked, your details can be stolen and under certain circumstances, you could even find yourself in legal trouble😱
⭐️That’s why today we introduce a safer and more secure way to login – with #FingerprintScanner⭐️
Use Fingerprint Scanner login lets you bypass the need for a card or password to🔑unlock your #possystem or #hardware – and it’s a lot faster & safer! 😍
🛡The Fingerprint Scanner securely identifies a person by their unique fingerprint. 🚫No longer need to remember your login #Password or carry your card!
🔰The process is quick, painless and secure. All you have to do is plug the Fingerprint Scanner into your POS devices, place your finger on it and you’re good to go!🥳
But most importantly, it protects your business against fraud, errors and liability ✅Provide a new level of #security for your business!