After a long day work, you just don’t feel like opening that lappie to check on biz matters. You are just human!
But yet, the feeling of wish to know about sales, cash flow, stock issue biz while sitting comfortably in your sofa?
How about just few swipes at your phone to know it all? & get back to your chill time.
So quick, YES, when the apps comes with
  • Clean Dashboard, instant info at one glance with useful widgets
  • Handy filters by sales person, store, date & days interim
  • Profit status: P&L statement summary all in
  • Stocks info by multi stores; like quantity, price
  • Sales trends like top sellers, highest sales day
  • Cash & bank accounts matters, that u can drill to details
  • Debt collection sums, send reminder instantly
INFO on the Go! Apps now available on #huawei. Yay! 
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