Managing your #multistore can quickly become a #timeconsuming task without the right tools😖<br>
You might spend days chasing down your staff trying to gather reports; or waste weeks trying to keep up with all the changes in all stores across different locations😱<br>
This is where #SmartNewRetail comes in!🎯<br>
With its intuitive interface and advanced features, managing multiple stores has never been easier!🥳<br>
🌈Smart New Retail centralizes all your #retailstore into a single system with feature-rich solutions for multi-store business🤩 No more wasting of #manpower & time managing each of your stores separately!<br>
🤓Manage all stores & processes from ONE place including track collection method of each #transaction, manage each cashier’s access rights, view sales summary by all or individual stores.<br>
And you'll have a live #dashboard 📊 to see all stores' internet connection activity & #salesperformance at a glance. Just imagine the time saved!🥳<br>
That is not all though; the system will auto-updated in the background without a manual update or interrupts your business as well!