Known as 120 y/o Biscuit Legacy in Penang, Ng Kee Cake Shop is a traditional 🥮 biscuit and 🍰 cake shop founded in 1987, focusing on serving locals and tourists in Georgetown. Today, Ng Kee is operated by the 4th generation👨‍👧‍👦
Like most traditional businesses, all their inventories, sales, and accounting written in books, handwritten, and plenty of errors inside 🥵 So they came to Smart-Acc Solutions for a modern POS system with a complete inventory management system.
“The transition went very well. Any problems or questions we had were painless.🥳
Previously, we needed to check all journals and manually count the inventory regularly. But now everything is automated. We can use the system & know the inventory in real-time🆙. That’s a huge reduction of work & time! ⏳
Not only that, our selling process has also become easier & faster. And all transactions can be tracked instantly & error-free. All in all, we are ❤️ happy with our new system.”
Ng Kee successfully transformed from the old business model to the new retail. And you can, too. 😬