Like it or not, disasters do happen. Unfortunately, you’ll never be able to 100% disaster-proof your business, but what you can do is prepare for the worst…Smart Cloud Backup #rm299 offers the best backup solutions to ensure your data is safely stored.☁️
Most importantly, it saves you the setback of having to recreate or retrieve lost data or disrupt your business operations and harm your brand reputation.✨
Key features:
✅ Backup system database & documents to Cloud.
✅ Unlimited revision, unlimited server & PC.
✅ 1 single account to monitor all the PC/ server files backup to the Cloud.
✅ Audit trail to check who modified or deleted the files.
✅ Recover deleted & modified file from the Cloud anytime, anywhere.
✅ A must solution to recover important files from infected Ransomware.
Not yet backup your business data? Hurry talk to our experienced consultants for more details!👉